Catalina Brenes as part of "Berlin - Dubai Festival" 2014

September 24 2014

It's with great honor that I share with you my participation in the Berlin-Dubai Festival 2014, hosted and organized by the "Goethe-Institut Gulf Region" in collaboration with ART AUREA.

This Festival is divided in three different encounters. Four Berlin based jewellery designers and artists ( Mirjam Hiller, Rahel Fiebelkorn, Catalina Brenes and Silke Spitzer ) meet four jewelry designers based in the United Arab Emirates ( Amal Haliq, Noura Alserkal, Fatima al Qassimi and Muna Alhadad ) first in a workshop in Dubai from the 29th of September to the 2nd of October; followed by a second workshop in Berlin from the 20th to 22nd of October. All workshops will be conducted by Martina Dempf, a jewellery designer and anthropologist from Berlin.

The theme of this year Festival is: "Jewellery as a cultural statement - Global places, Local signs". All the cultural programme and visits are organized by the Goethe Institutes of Dubai and Berlin and by Martina Dempf in Berlin. The cultural programme and visits to galleries, museums and workshops are study trips of inspiration in both cities. Identifying the originality of local signs in the global places. During the workshops the personal interpretation of local findings is the source of the new designs which will be the conclusion of the Festival. All artists and designers will be asked to create new jewellery pieces presented at the final event in Dubai the 11 -12 of November.

Looking forward to meet the designers, to share our own cultures and translate our experiences.