“Per domani - Oggetti e Gioielli” / Catalina Brenes / Oh my Blue, Venice / 4 - 23.04.2014.

April 04 2014

Oh my blue, a beautiful space in Venice opened it's doors almost two years ago. I had the pleasure to collaborate with Elena Rizzi since it's opening. After meeting in Venice and having similar future ambitions it was a great honor to give my work in her hands.

In 2014 a cycle of events began to promote young designers of jewellery, glass, ceramics, product design or any other interesting approach to art or design to propose to the vast visitors of Venice. I was proposed to begin this cycle of events and with great honor "Per domani" opened on the 4th of April 2014. A selection of my most recent jewellery, "Respiro" installation and a series of sculptures in resin where in show.

I lived in Italy for five years (2007 -2012) and since I left in 2012 to live in Berlin was my first time to exhibit again in this beautiful country. A sense of melancholy was in my thoughts and hence the exhibition's title. "Per domani", what you want to keep for tomorrow which you will always miss, just for an instance trap in a bottle all this small little things that you don't want to lose ever.

I had the opportunity to show my work and live for a couple of days with beautiful people in Venice. Being able to be in the heart of the city and live it as one more, not a simple tourist, made me remember how much I missed the small chats on the coffee places, the beautiful old ladies, the fish markets and fruits and how the light in Italy can never be found anywhere else. The family of Elena made me feel at home and part of the city, for which I had the gift to show my work and to take away some of the sadness of leaving Italy, I created a work meant to accept what I will always miss. As a young lover gives it's love red roses and thinks they will love each other forever, as a child which loves it's first belongings as a girl which became a woman.

I had a great experience in those days and the opening was full of beautiful people interested in hearing what I had to say ( a great luxury this days).

Grazie a tutti, grazie.