Catalina Brenes / contemporary jewellery article at Perfil December edition, Costa Rica

December 09 2013

It's a great honor that this important costarican magazine, Perfil has published an article about my work in the segment dedicated to new talents. You can read the full article as follows:

Catalina Brenes / Freedom with the brilliance of a jewel

Creating contemporary jewelry allowed Catalina Brenes  to find a world of inspiration through unique pieces. A career she discovered after her passion for art and design.
By Carolina Montero
Images: Catalina Brenes

Be creative, give life to new concepts made ​​Catalina Brenes inclined by the graphic design career at the School of Fine Arts at the University of Costa Rica (UCR) but that was not enough. She wanted to produce with her hands, giving life to unique pieces that could be seen beyond a printed or web design. Thus she found in jewelry design a completed career that allowed her to create and have the freedom to work in design, technique and variety of materials.

"The design fascinated me a lot but I wanted to create three-dimensional. I always thought of designing with my hands and so I discovered jewelry and brought all my knowledge of graphic design and art but applied to jewelry", says the talented Costa Rican designer living in Berlin.

The branch of contemporary jewelry she discovered at Studio Metallo, in Costa Rica, but Brenes search to specialize in one of the most recognized schools in contemporary jewelry : Alchimia in Florence, Italy, where he specialized between 2007 and 2010.

Contemporary jewelry mixes gold, silver and semi precious stones with alternative materials such as resin, paper or fabric.

"I'm passionate about the freedom of concepts, technics, design and artistic execution. I experimented with paper, plastic and cloth, but now I'm working with the technique of lost wax casting, which at the moment I cast in 18Kt Gold or 925 Silver" Catalina tells us from her home in Berlin, Germany.

Catalina is inspired from the timelessness concept and balance that nature gives. "The reflection of my actual pieces are the union of these three cultures and in my resin work I'm inspired by a moment, what can happen in a second, the look, the moment in which anything happens, people, travels " she describes .

Catalina 's work can be also appreciated in European museums and galleries, as well as major publishers that have included her work like the magazine Elle, Slovenia, in June and hopes to bring in March 2014 her work to Costa Rica and in a month open her own shop online. 


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