Talente 2017, Selected participant. IHM Munich, Germany.

My work was selected for Talente exhibition 2017 at IHM Munich, Germany.

Talente has been in existence since 1980 (in the early days with a different name). It is a high profile competition for young craftspeople, applied artists, makers, artisans, designers and inventor-technicians from all over the world. Age limit is set at 33 years of age (respectively 35 for the technical applications). The participation is only possible one time. Talente is a competition organized by the Handwerkskammer für München und Oberbayern, dept. Fairs and Exhibitions. The department is responsible for the selection.

The aim of Talente is to promote the idea of skills in the designing and technical trades as well as in the applied arts. Contributions shown at Talente have a high standard. They range from undergraduate to masters level. Talente takes place as a special exhibition on one of the major trade fairs in Munich/ Germany in March each year, the International Trade Fair.